Gary Barbera Charity Work

In an effort to help kids during the colder months, Gary Barbera has partnered with Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon to support local schools by donating hundreds of coats to the students of the School District of Philadelphia. District students at different grade levels in Philadelphia received coats to keep […]

Gary Barbera, in Partnership with PA State Rep Jared Solomon, ...

Picture your phone buzzing and cars zooming past you. Today, there is a pressure to always be connected on your phone. Because Gary Barbera Cares, he is committed to ending texting and driving. Texting is a common and often daily occurrence for many people. Did you know that in 2015, […]

Alternatives to Texting and Driving

Gary Barbera has Double Downed on his partnership with Sponsor A Highway®, making a big difference in reducing litter along Pennsylvania’s highways for the past two decades! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. – Gary Barbera will be reaching a three-decade anniversary as the #1 Dodge dealership in Philadelphia. In addition to selling Dodges, […]

Gary Barbera And Adopt A Highway® Are Keeping Pennsylvania’s Highways ...

Gary Barbera was raised in Northeast Philadelphia. This is where his passion for the automotive industry began. Growing up, Gary spent his summers working at Kutner Buick, which was his neighbors’ dealership. Gary was ambitious and confidently knew he wanted to be a car dealer as a young child. After […]

How It All Began

Boys and Girls Club
Long-time Philly car guy and philanthropist Gary Barbera is dedicated to supporting various organizations and charitable events in the Philadelphia area, as well as surrounding communities. His organization, Gary Barbera Cares, was established to help benefit youth programs in the Greater Delaware Valley, which includes metro Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and […]

Gary Barbera Donates to Boys and Girls Club

Run Walk Bark
Philadelphia car dealer and philanthropist Gary Barbera dedicates his time to giving back to the city and surrounding area that he loves. Through his organization, Gary Barbera Cares, Mr. Barbera strives to support local charities and initiatives, to assist children and families in need. One of the ways Mr. Barbera […]

Gary Barbera Co-Sponsors Sunshine Foundation RunWalkBark