Awards & Recognition

Makayla McCoskey, Miss Montgomery County 2016
Charitable minded Philly Car Guy, Gary Barbera, will again co-sponsor this year’s 2016 Miss Pennsylvania Pageant Montgomery County PA Gary Barbera Group is proud to support Makayla McCoskey, Miss Montgomery County 2016.    Makayla McCoskey is a first year medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, and she is studying to become an […]

Gary Barbera co-sponsors Miss Pennsylvania Pageant

Gary Barbera Cares
Having been a cornerstone in the Philadelphia area for the last three decades, Gary Barbera knows and understands the importance of giving support back to the community. Owner of Barbera’s Autoland, and a noted philanthropist, Mr. Barbera enjoys spending his time helping and contributing to charitable organizations that assist children […]

Gary Barbera Goes Ringside in Support of CFFC Fighters

Gary Barbera Community Work
Noted philanthropist and Philadelphia car dealer Gary Barbera is in the business of helping people get the opportunities they deserve in life. In addition to being the owner and operator of Barbera’s Autoland, Gary Barbera is the founder of Gary Barbera Cares, an organization committed to serving the community through […]

Gary Barbera Contributed to the Philadelphia Academies Auction

Gary Barbera Cares
As the owner of Barbera’s Autoland and the world famous Barbera’s on the Boulevard, Gary Barbera has been a cornerstone in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities for more than three decades. Over that time period Mr. Barbera and his organization, Gary Barbera Cares, have been at the forefront of contributions […]

Gary Barbera Recognized for Community Contributions

Gary Barbera Charity
Gary Barbera, founder of Barbera’s Autoland, and a prominent figure in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, prides himself on being able to give back to the community. In addition to working with various charities through his Gary Barbera Cares organization, Gary himself enjoys volunteering, and doing his part to help […]

Gary Barbera to Speak at St. Mary’s Villa 8th Grade ...

Enjoy Thanks Giving
This Thanksgiving, noted Philadelphia car dealer and philanthropist Gary Barbera co-supported the city’s 7th Annual Turkey Drive, put on by the Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center. Along with other community leaders, including State Representative Donna Bullock and the Housing Association of Philadelphia’s Mr. Vincent Pinkney, Mr. Barbera and Strawberry Mansion […]

Gary Barbera Co-Supported the 7th Annual Turkey Drive

Julie Dorenbos_Susie_Celek_Terrel_Owens
What’s Hot: The 1st annual Philly Sports Roast,”Unfinished Business” with Julie Dorenbos & Susie Celek – sponser Gary Barbera Posted: 4/18/2014   Terrell Owens—an NFL legend, and perhaps one of the greatest EGOS…(oops: Eagles) to ever play in Philadelphia. How do you walk the fine line between roasting and T.O.asting […]

What’s Hot: The 1st annual Philly Sports Roast,”Unfinished Business”