Gary Barbera and His Barbera Cares Program Annual Gobble Until you Wobble Tour Takes Flight at Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center, Inc   Recently updated !

Event: Gary Barbera – Annual Gobble Until You Wobble Tour Turkey Giveaway
Where: Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center, Inc.
Location: 2829 W. Diamond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121
Date: Monday, November 25, 2019
Time: 2:30 pm

Gary Barbera and his Barbera Cares Programs just concluded their Annual Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids Tour with over 2,000 warm winter coats distributed. Now on to the Annual…

Gary Barbera Gobble Until You Wobble Thanksgiving and Turkey Tour

Gary Barbera and His Barbera Cares Team will be at Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center for their Annual Turkey Giveaway distributing 250 turkeys.

The Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center strengthens the Strawberry Mansion community by empowering its residents and providing resources and services that enhance their quality of life. SMNAC – Strawberry Mansion CDC

BarberaCares has forged a strong endearing relationship with Strawberry Mansion, an underserved neighborhood in Philadelphia, home to fine families who deserve promotion because of their resilience and dedication to eachother and the betterment of their community. BarberaCares has partnered with Strawberry Mansion countless times. Gary Barbera loves this community and respects how the neighbors support eachother and are always so warm and welcoming to the BarberaCares efforts.

This Annual Turkey Giveaway warms the spirit of the holidays by allowing Barbera to be apart of the community’s Thanksgiving Meal and to serve this fine area of the city that is underserved. It’s more than a turkey, it’s hope that Strawberry Mansion needs and deserves. “It’s a privilege to be apart of Strawberry Mansion’s enhancements.”