Gary Barbera and Jared Solomon are Warming –up Winter AGAIN with Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids

Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids will be at Laura H. Carnell Elementary, 1100 Devereaux Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111

AGAIN Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids Annual Distribution with a Commitment of over 1,000 Warm Winter Coats for Philadelphia Children to Help Meet the Growing Need in community collaboration again with State Representative Jared Solomon!

Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard and their BarberaCares Programs are in the midst of their Annual Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids Distribution and they are delighted to provide volunteer hours at local Philadelphia School District gradeschools chosen by PA State Representative Jared Solomon and have already purchased over 1,000 warm winter coats.

The Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids is the highlight of their holiday BarberaCares Programs for the surrounding communities.  The mission of Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids is to once again distribute as many new winter coats as possible to keep up with the ever growing need.  It’s more than a coat its hope and concern that provides warmth and self-confidence to children who need it in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.  

1 out of 6 children in Pennsylvania live in poverty and warm winter coats are a necessity not a luxury.  This community integration is important to the BarberaCares Program to assist their community by gifts in action.  It’s more than just a donation that is near and dear to the Barbera family and employee’s hearts.  For families that are financially struggling, new coats are not easy to come by.  Other necessities such as housing, medical care, utilities, and food take precedence over brand new clothing.  Gary Barbera remarks, “It’s a privilege for BarberaCares to be able to come to the schools, meet the families and help the children pick out the coat they want. The gratitude and smiles on their faces is heart-melting.”    

At this time of release Gary Barbera’s Coats for Kids teamed up with State Rep. Jared Solomon and have already distributed new coats at J. Hampton Moore Elementary School. The next stop is Laura H. Carnell Elementary School then at Solis-Cohen Elementary.

Dates and times could be subject to change so please check out the website for any substitutions.

For Additional information about the office of State Representative Jared G. Solomon