Gary Barbera Gives Away Flyers Tickets

One of the many ways that Philly car guy and philanthropist Gary Barbera loves to give back to the Philadelphia community is by making dreams come true for local children and their families. Through his organization, Gary Barbera Cares, Mr. Barbera has been fortunate to support charity events and non-profit organizations that provide resources and opportunities to families and children in need. In addition to the work that Mr. Barbera does with his charities, the owner of Barbera’s Autoland also likes to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which is what led Mr. Barbera to give away 10 Flyers tickets for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Gary Barbera

In April 2012, Mr. Barbera teamed up with popular Wired 96.5 FM radio show Chio, Shila, and Tingle in the Mornings to give 10 lucky kids a shot at winning Flyers tickets for the playoffs. Along with Philly’s funniest morning radio crew, Mr. Barbera promoted the event that allowed listeners who called in and got through at a specific time on a certain day to have the chance to take a shot at winning the tickets at the world famous Barbera’s on the Boulevard. Winners then got to see their team, on the road to the Stanley Cup, in person.

Gary Barbera is the man behind Barbera’s Autoland and the World Famous Barbera’s on the Boulevard. Barbera’s Autoland is a competitive automotive dealership in Philadelphia that offers drivers both new and pre-owned inventories of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. Learn more about Mr. Barbera and the work he does with Gary Barbera Cares by connecting with the organization directly online.

About Gary Barbera

Gary Barbera is an auto dealer and philanthropist. Gary has been selling cars in Philadelphia area for over 30 years. Gary set up Gary Barbera Cares as a way of giving back to the area he loves. is the website that shows the current and past charities benefiting youth foundations in metro Philadelphia