Gary Barbera’s Barbera Cares Bear ran and cheered on the participants of the Mascots for a Cure Mini-Marathon at Citizens Bank Park. It was Mascot Mayhem as 6 ABC reported

The festive Philly Mascot Mini Marathon 5K (3.1-mile) run with Mascot Mayhem took place on the grounds that used to be Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia, Citizens Bank Park. It was a celebration of fitness and dedication to curing childhood cancer. Mascots who pursued the finish line included the Barbera Cares Bear, The Phillie Phanatic, Phang, Sir Braveheart, Raccoon from Raccoon Sports, Trojan Man from Pottstown High School, all running the Mascots 4 a Cure Marathon to benefit families whose children are battling cancer.

6ABC reported on the event. Check out their video, click here. 

Everybody including our costumed crusaders had a great time and made great time. To learn more about the mission of Mascots 4 a Cure see their website